Aurora borealis road


Levi, Finland

The Northern light above the snowy landscape of North Finland. The trees covered in snow, the sky in shades of blue and green. The landscape is just so beautiful that I try to remind myself not to look at it only through the camera finder.

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We are in the polar circle. The temperature meter says it is minus 19 C or minus 2.2 F. It is freaking cold, my clothes are frozen stiff as I get of my snow scooter. It doesn’t bother me at all, because the magic northern light is there and it is beautiful. Standing on the lake, it is hard to take your eye of the spectacle. The conditions need to be right. Clear sky and enough solar activity. Most days it is clouded, so when that clarity comes, you need a little bit of luck to get the solar activity as well. Today I was in luck.


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